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Clove Dental proudly introduces Clove Dental Heritage, a new entity that unites Clove’s research,
training and community service efforts under one roof.

Global Dental Services Chairman Louis Shakinovsky (front, left) and members of the Clove Dental leadership and clinical teams introduce the late President APJ Abdul Kalam to Clove’s mobile clinic, June 2015.

Community Services

A valued member of nearly 60 different communities in the Delhi NCR and Chandigarh Tri-city regions, Clove Dental is extending its commitment to underprivileged communities through Clove Dental Heritage. The center will house multiple dental chairs that will be used to provide dental care to the local community, particularly the laborers who work in the local factories and their families.


Skills Enhancement

Clove Dental Heritage will provide vocational training and skill development courses for underprivileged adults; the training will prepare them for employment in dental labs that fabricate dental crowns, bridges and dentures. Clove Dental Heritage will also serve as a training facility for its dentists when they join Clove, and throughout their careers as Clove dentists.



With nearly 70 clinics and thousands of patients in the Clove network, Clove Dental Heritage is in a unique position to collect data and conduct ethical, evidence-based research that will benefit the dental community and as well as India’s public health infrastructure. This will enable Clove to continue in its role as an industry thought leader.


Our Clove Heritage Clinic